Why polyurea coating in a hot / cold splash has become the main choice of planners

A warm polyurea system as a sealing membrane for many types of surfaces and infrastructure becomes the main choice of planners and sealants.
Polyurea has a range of unique features that give a relative advantage to the customer:

The application technique of a hot polyurea system is based on the reaction of part A and part B when connections in the spray nozzle at an average temperature of 60-70 degrees. The reaction during the spraying gives the material its properties and rapid drying ability. The application of polyurea requires the use and certification of the spray equipment (Airless), a two-head dual-coil plunger with a dual re-feed spray gun.
In light of our company’s many years of experience in the application of polyurea sealing systems, despite its many advantages requiring careful and detailed surface preparation prior to application, it can be stated that the process of preparing the surface for the polyurea system is the most important. In porous concrete infrastructures, the splash temp can cause hot-air pockets to “pin” holes as the material hardens, thereby damaging the membrane’s opacity. Therefore, surface preparation will involve smoothing and sealing the surface prior to application of the system.