Sealing of water reservoirs – the nature of work and its importance

Sealing works are performed in every home in Israel. The goal? Prevent water from entering the building. Thus, the requirement for roof sealing and external wall sealing work is regularly gaining high demand. Alongside this type of sealing work, there is another, and very specific, sealing work: water reservoir sealing. Unlike apartment sealing, which emphasizes the prevention of water infiltration, in the case of sealing a sealed water reservoir in order to prevent the existing water leakage in a given reservoir.

Water reservoirs can serve different purposes and be located at different sites – both on the surface and in subterranean areas. Sealing work is important either way, but in this case water reservoir sealing must be done thoroughly, as deviation from the required standard can at best lead to liquidity, but at least good for significant harm to environmental health.

Sealing drinking water reservoirs – what is its importance?

There are many reservoirs in Israel, with each reservoir serving a different purpose. In addition to reservoirs used by, for example, fire fighters to extinguish fires, there are also reservoirs that, thanks to them, can be provided to Israeli citizens water on a continuous and continuous supply. A water reservoir that is not sealed properly, stains the clean water and can cause widespread health damage. A water reservoir designed for drinking water must be airtight and sterile, for the sake of water quality conservation and the prevention of widespread contamination.

What is the method of sealing the water reservoir?

As professionals, we do not do only the actual sealing work. Our work begins even earlier, with the examination of a reservoir and its examination in depth. It is important for us to understand what the water system is made of, and to match it with the right, most durable and healthy sealing solution. We see you as partners in the process, and we will update you at every stage of the work – from testing the facility to the stage where we will make a professional decision on the sealing method.

The selected sealing method is also carried out in accordance with the water designation. For example, when it comes to drinking water, it is important to choose waterproofing materials that do not harm the quality of the water, and the ability to use them as drinking water.

Sealing water reservoir to prevent water leakage

When it comes to a reservoir, it is a reservoir that contains huge amounts of water. To understand the importance of sealing work, try to imagine a situation where cracks are discovered that allow water to leak from the reservoir. There are reservoirs located in strategic areas as well as near residential areas. Leaking water from the reservoir can cause great damage to property and, in extreme cases, also in the psyche.

Sealing of reservoirs with “Reshef Group”

Alongside the professionalism that we do not compromise, it is important for us to also provide a quality, pleasant and courteous service experience. With the joint departure, we undertake professional and service escorts. Our team will work with you in full cooperation – from the meeting where we will review the relevant water reservoir to the moment we complete the sealing work. For more information about water reservoir seals, please contact us.