What is industrial painting?

Industrial painting is an overall name for application and painting techniques in advanced metal element coating systems of all types, in heavy and light industrial plants to protect against corrosion damage and to extend the existing construction / element for coating.

Unlike the world of decorative painting, industrial painting aims first and foremost – providing long-term protection against corrosion to the existing element. The process of choosing the decorative shade for coating is a secondary process to the main process – selecting the appropriate system for its technical characteristics for the environment and the element intended for coating. Most often, industrial coating systems will be bi-component, advanced resin-based (from epoxy and polyurethane families) and of greater thickness than single-component and water-based decorative paint systems.

An important and inseparable process from the coating process is the “preparation and cleaning stage” stage before it is painted. In fact, over 80% of the application errors of industrial coating systems are due to poor surface preparation (according to NACE International Corrosion Studies). This step includes partial / complete removal of the existing coating, full cleaning of scales and rust in accordance with the required standard and roughness of the coating intended for mechanical “anchoring” between the coating system and the existing element (optimal ‘adhesion’).