What is building restoration?

It is clear to you that a restoration project emphasizes the restoration of an existing building. However, what actions are included in such a large-scale project? Building restoration also includes upgrading to improve existing infrastructure, but also actions aimed at improving the appearance of the intended building.

מה זה שיקום מבנים?

Restoration of buildings has a number of advantages:

  • Extensive restoration can enhance the property
  • Make the property one that meets the current safety standard
  • Upgrading your quality of life following the restoration of the building
  • Restoration of a building from abandoned property to residential property

Building Restoration: The Safety Aspect

Lots of times the need to rebuild the building comes up when talking about an old building. As is well known, in Israel there are quite a few processes that underlie urban renewal, with the aim of widening the gap between the construction standard from the past to the present-modern. It is not always necessary to demolish buildings and erect new ones, but at times a building is completely sufficient. In what cases?

For example, when there is a structure in which the outer walls need significant sealing, after they peel off, decay and when there are neighbors complaining of moisture in the interior walls. This is a classic work of building restoration: from a building that has cracks and peelings to a structure characterized by opaque, painted and aesthetic walls.

Restoration of buildings as a legitimate maintenance operation

There are actions included under “Building Restoration”, which are also considered to be legitimate for building buildings. As you know, as you maintain your property frequently, you prevent its ongoing neglect. It is also possible here to give the example of the sealing of the exterior walls: such an action is regarded as a restoration of the structure, where the sealing of the exterior walls can be strengthened even before liquid or moisture is discovered. Thus, the “rehabilitative” operation becomes a maintenance activity that preserves the value of the building, and in particular your quality of life.

Restoration of buildings and property improvement

There is a common interest for all tenants in the building- to ensure that the value of the building (and the private property of each of the tenants) is preserved. Building restoration not only preserves the value of the property but can also enhance it. Possible works within a building restoration:

  • Painting to the exterior walls of the building
  • Installation of decorative cladding
  • Negative and positive sealing in buildings and so on…

Exterior coloring: And so you will be beautiful on the outside as well

The exterior paint preserves the building’s aesthetic mantle, as part of the process of restoring and restoring the concrete. Although it is only aesthetic action, the exterior paint on the walls of the building also contributes to the durability of the building for years to come. We will be happy to advise you on the recommended restoration work in your building.

We and you – for the same purpose: the restoration of the building

We at “Reshef Group” carry out a wide range of works under the restoration of buildings. We offer not only professional services of the highest standard, but also courteous, available and patient service – to all our clients. We believe in full collaboration, reliability and transparency, and above all: a commitment to quality restoration work that will contribute practically and visually to your structure.

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