Sealing external walls

Even if you live in a private home or in a condominium, there are internal and external walls that protect you. Almost always, it is easier to pay attention to the interior walls, as these are the walls that surround the interior of the house and also affect its appearance. And the outer front? Often she is left behind and so is her care and maintenance.

An external wall that is not sealed as required, paves the way for a little trouble, even indoors. The importance of a wall is quite opaque: The rainwater that comes into direct contact with the walls will not penetrate into the walls of the building, so you can enjoy a dry winter (even on the rainiest days).

איטום קירות חיצוניים

When is the need to seal the exterior fronts?

This is a great question! It is not really a question of whether the exterior walls should be sealed or not, but the question is when should the sealing action be resumed. As is well known, sealing exterior walls is an action that needs to be renewed every few years. As time goes on, durability decreases and, accordingly, there is a real fear of water infiltration through the outer walls to the interior.

There are signs that will leave no room for doubt, such as damp stains and mold inside the walls of the house. We recommend that you do not wait for the moment when the same signs appear, but rather to cure the blow – the longer you wait with the seal, the more the damage will increase and so will the cost of treatment. Exterior wall sealing is carried out on our behalf by a professional team, who undertakes thorough work.

Identify cracks in the wall? It is necessary to seal it!

The interior walls are the ones you see indoors, so it is easier to diagnose cracks or other failures because the crack allows rainwater and external moisture to penetrate and is a clear indicator of an existing problem. The cracks are usually dynamic so any solution we usually make like plaster and shaft patches will not last long.

The cracking is done using elastic materials that allow the crack to expand and shrink without compromising the sealing of the structure and without putting us into financial expense every year.

Sealing external walls is highly recommended as a quality preventative action – one that prevents you from dealing with liquidity and wetness.

How is the actual sealing work done?

Before we do the sealing work, we come to you to check the condition of the walls. Each sealing work is done to a different extent (depending on the size of the structure), and we share with you every professional decision before it is implemented. The first thing to consider is the type of exterior wall. There are walls that are covered in marble, for example, but there are also completely exposed walls that have only old plaster and paint. This is a starting point that greatly influences our continued work.

Here, too, there is significance to the ongoing level of maintenance done in the building, often we will do water pressure rinsing and removal of the old plaster to detect failures and provide a long-term solution that will include cracks and concrete rehabilitation if necessary. In those areas after the serious treatment, we will renew the plaster, followed by a thick layer of paint that will cover all facades of the structure and provide a solution both in terms of waterproofing and the decorative aspect of uniformity and new and clean appearance.

Either way, we will thoroughly handle all cracks and openings that are likely to cause quite a bit of damage.

Your walls are in good hands, pledge!

At “Reshef Group” , we are committed to the courteous and smiling service, and to providing professional solutions of the highest standard. We believe in quality work, one that will give you long-term peace, and not one that surprises you with unexpected events that will require another round of repairs. We work in full cooperation with you, but also with all the different job holders on the site where the work is done.

Interested in a quality exterior wall sealing solution? We will be happy to advise you and do the work for you!