Building Renovation

When renovating a building its visual and aesthetic appearance changes significantly, but at the same time the quality and durability of the building is greatly improved – a vital and important thing for all the building occupants, so that they can continue to enjoy a beautiful and stable roof.

The decision to renovate a building should be made jointly with all tenants, as the renovation work involves upgrading the entire building and not just parts of it. During the decision it is necessary to decide what renovation work to do in the building so that it will last for many more years.

The Benefits of Building Renovation

a common building has several significant benefits, the most notable of which are:

  • Beauty and aesthetics – There is no doubt that renovating a building can give it a new and more beautiful look. If it is a relatively old building that was changed a few decades ago, its exterior looks naturally outdated, flaky and not very aesthetic. With the help of renovating the facade of the building with wall cladding, painting the walls and more you can get a building with a more beautiful and modern appearance.
  • Sealing and Insulation – In addition to the building’s visibility, a professional renovation can significantly upgrade the quality of its building foundations and resistance to various environmental damage. An old building with shaky foundations can lose the sealing and insulation capacity of the walls of the building, thus permitting water and moisture to penetrate through the cracks and cause external and internal damage. Cement materials can be applied to the walls during the renovation, thus improving the sealing.
  • Property Improvement – Any building undergoing renovation and upgrading automatically increases its market value. With the help of a quality and appropriate renovation of a building, its value can be doubled in the real estate market so that the tenants in the building can rent or sell their apartment at a greater profit.

Renovation of facade and building lobby

The building renovation process includes several different options, with the tenants’ main preference being the visual improvement of the building as well as the lobby upgrade. The entrance to the building can be upgraded by increasing the lobby space, replacing the old-fashioned floor with modern flooring, painting the walls and replacing the staircases if necessary.

The facade of the building can be renovated with the help of the existing paint or cladding, and the application of new and higher quality cladding. The purpose of the exterior cladding is aesthetic, but also contributes to the durability of the outer walls against rainfall and dirt thanks to high quality sealants made of acrylic blend such as a colored lacquer.

Renovation for repair and sealing of building

In old buildings that stand for many years, grooves and cracks may form on the exterior walls of the building and thus a permanent moisture problem occurs. Peeling paint usually indicates a wall opacity problem, so renovating a building is especially effective for quality sealing and insulation and preventing mold and moisture problems in the interior walls. The sealing is usually done with cementitious concrete, which is known as a sealant and excellent insulation for external walls.