The Reshef Group is comprised of project execution contracting companies that was established in 1975 in Haifa, Israel. The Group provides a wide range of solutions for addressing the effects of corrosion in buildings and metals, sealing problems in reservoirs and structures, unique solutions for structural reinforcement, passive fire protection and external decorative solutions for building facades. The Group is active in a wide range of sectors in the heavy and light industries and in the construction and infrastructure industries in Israel and occasionally also in projects and consulting overseas.
Our prominent clients include public corporations, government and security entities, design, consulting and engineering firms and also private clients. The range of our areas of activity and the extensive basket of services that we provide are what makes the Reshef Group stand out. Reshef Group’s vision is the provision of quality, long term holistic solutions for our clients while adhering to the level of quality and service required by ISO-9002. Quality and Quality Controlled in ISO-9002 Quality Control System. Reshef Group is an official member of the international organizations NACE(National Association of Corrosion Engineers) and ICRI (International Concrete Rehabilitation Organization) — and therefore we are committed to meeting global standards and norms.

Service, Professionalism and Responsibility.

We at the Reshef group give special attention to service and close support throughout the execution stages. A major tenet of our service charter is based on cooperation and synergy with the supervision at the construction sites, plants and municipalities. This is done with ongoing onsite control and oversight by the technical departments of the suppliers of the systems and materials applied at the site.

Beyond our wide ranging service envelope, we believe in uncompromising quality.
Quality is surveyed during the execution processes and is constantly monitored and controlled by all ranks of the organization.
The quality control system is supplemented by an insurance system (contractor, product liability and performance quality insurance policies) — Reshef is proud to provide our many clients with a comprehensive long term warranty.

Our Team

Organizational Structure

Reshef Group consists of an experienced, long-standing and solid management team — engineers, project managers, quality controllers and team leaders operating throughout Israel.
The core of the Group’s strength is the “human component”, a capability that we build and foster to enable comprehensive management and control in the execution of complex projects in Israel and overseas.

Reshef Group owns a technical-logistical array that enables agility and facilitates execution.
Our logistical-operational array includes late-model vehicle fleet, transportation and lifting services and professionals that enable constant supply of materials, machinery and tools to various sites without delay.
The technical system includes the specification and procurement department which is in charge of the knowhow, maintenance personnel that service light and heavy machinery, pumping systems, spray and injection systems and other systems that provide response and solution to every technical problem.

In addition to the equipment used by our builders, we also hold quality control systems (including the executives, our company has quality control instruments that serve the site managers for quality assurance of every stage in a project. Both the human component and the technical-logistic array enable us to simultaneously carry out multiple, diverse projects with rigorous attention to quality and deadlines.

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