What is concrete restoration?

Concrete reconstruction is a name for well-defined and approved engineering design for the rehabilitation and treatment of elements and concrete infrastructure damaged by corrosion damage in the iron bars.

In such cases, there is a phenomenon of corrosion formation and in fact – the “digestion” of the existing iron bars to the extent of the collapse or increased disintegration of the existing concrete elements. This phenomenon weakens the concrete element, sometimes to the point of constructive treatment.

The phenomenon of corrosion in buildings and concrete exists in all sectors of the economy and is the main causal factor in the damage to the existing (‘life cycle’) of buildings in Israel and around the world. According to studies by the International Corrosion Organization (‘NACE’), only the corrosion damage in the US is estimated at tens of trillions of dollars a year.

The phenomenon of corrosion in concrete is found in most of the existing concrete structures – but at various stages of development. The factors that accelerate the phenomenon of corrosion and decay are inherent in the existing environmental characteristics such as: marine-saturated (chloride) marine environment;