Strengthening decorative with sheets and carbon boards

Reinforcing structures in sheets and carbon boards known by their foreign name F.R.P – Fiber Reinforcement Plastic is the ultimate solution for reinforcing concrete and concrete ceilings, beams and pillars, silos, ponds and reservoirs, bridges and other reinforced concrete elements

Sheets and carbon boards are the product of advanced technology that provides solution and response to the highest strengths in tensile efforts – even more than reinforcing zinc or steel elements

Constructive reinforcement by means of sheets and carbon boards belonging to the composite materials group which have a high toughness / weight ratio and also have good resistance to high temperatures.
Unlike most homogeneous materials, composite material can be designed and determined (depending on the composition / type of fiber, the type of resin and their ratio)

A well-known example of composite material is the “Fiberglass” (based on glass fiber) that was used in the country to produce “Susita” vehicles and is still used today to make car parts in trucks and even for the construction of vessels
Sheets and carbon boards are known to the public in sports equipment (racquets, mountain bikes due to low weight) and aircraft parts

The obvious advantages of reinforcing buildings in smells and carbon slabs

Short execution time and fast work rate, relative to other processe*
Cost savings – in the face of steel reinforcement solutions*
An effective solution for reinforcing concrete structures and bridges*
Enables execution flexibility to reinforce all parts of concrete structures – casing and walls, beams, ceilings and columns*

Structural reinforcement – Reinforced concrete structures are necessary and necessary in a variety of cases Structural cracks resulting from corrosion in marine or chemical atmospheres

 up to significant digestion in the diameter of the faucet irons*
Strengthen buildings and earthquake damage protection*
Reinforcing walls and ceilings due to sawing openings or beams*
Adding loads to an existing building (floor addition)*
Reinforcing pl-easy ceilings.Does not significantly increase the area to be reinforced (for example – does not require lowering the height of parking ceilings)*

Implementation of sheets and carbon boards is a constructive process that requires knowledge, professional experience and appropriate certification from the manufacturer / importer of materials, writing appropriate specifications will be done according to the concrete element properties for reinforcement and other environmental characteristics