Strengthening and installation of decorative outdoor coverings

The reinforcement process for exterior cladding (stone slabs, tiles and other cladding) stems from an existing safety need or planned future maintenance and is a derivative of the wet cladding method applied in buildings in Israel until the 1990s.
The reinforcement process is performed by an existing tile / board drill technique and reattached by a suitable anchor / screw. In our company, selecting a high quality anchoring element is the main pillar of project success and long-term responsibility, and therefore is defined as using stainless steel elements (316 stainless steel) that extend the existing structure over the years.

Application of rigid cladding systems as a decorative solution for building facades is divided by the application method – fixation and adhesion using the “wet” method or alternatively the “dry” fixation on a dedicated rack / anchor system. Use of one of these techniques is derived from a number of factors: decorative selection of the type of cladding (budget dependent), environmental characteristics (such as altitude or marine characteristics) and subsequently the selection of the fixation technique itself (for example – installing vertical mosaic rugs will be pasted, and installed In a high-rise building will be carried out in a dry hanging system). A project in which a cladding system will be implemented requires a structural engineer specification defining adhesive materials and / or dry hanging system suitable for the existing cladding, including the manner of execution according to Israeli Standard 2378.