Exterior facade restoration of “ Migdalor House “ in Tel-Aviv shoreline

Project Description

A unique project for the rehabilitation and renovation of the Migdalor Building, comprised of an office and hotel tower atop a shopping center.
The building is named after the mythical Migdalor (“Lighthouse”) Cinema, the first air-conditioned cinema in Israel, built in 1935. The building was demolished in 1964. In 1972, the shopping center was built, followed by the office tower. Over the years, numerous corrosion spots were visible on the building’s facade to the extent that concrete and mosaic parts fell down, necessitating the installation of peripheral protection mesh.
Early in 2017, it was decided to carry out comprehensive rehabilitation. The project involved complete stripping of the mosaic and plaster layers in the office tower for in-depth reconstruction of the concrete frame and the facade; reconstruction of marine designated plaster and application of polyurethane epoxy coating to block salts and prevent corrosion.
Concurrently, loose masonry in the facade of the building were replaced, all masonry elements were structurally reinforced and an appropriate sealing system was applied for protection.


  1. Executing a project in a populated office/hotel building
  2. Complex logistic preparation was made, including repairing an old crane that was installed on the roof and using it for lifting
  3. Demolition of the rear elevator shaft and re-placing it with no-shrink polymeric concrete


  1. Complete stripping of the mosaic and plaster layers until reaching bare concrete
  2. Demolition of disintegrating concrete parts until exposing all the rusted rebars
  3. Reconstruction of concrete elements by implementing Tambor Thoro BASF R4
  4. Re-application of marine-resistant plaster layers
  5. Application of a marine environment coating and protection system — polyurethane Tamglass PE by Tambor Ltd.
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