Exterior facade restoration of the “ Crown plaza “ hotel in Tel-Aviv shoreline

Project Description

A unique project for the restoration and renovation of the Crowne Plaza hotel on the Tel Aviv seafront.
The tower was built in the 1990s on the frame of the old Diplomat Hotel (owned by the well-known hotelier Haim Schiff). In time, the impact of the sea environment made their mark on the building with disintegration of concrete and rusted rebars visible throughout the building’s facade.
A decision was made in 2016 to carry out a two-stage project. This included first the marking of approximately 150 critical points for rehabilitation in order to remove any imminent danger. At the second stage (in 2018), it was decided to completely strip the plaster and mosaic facades for the purpose of a deep rehabilitation of the concrete frame, after which layers of marine designated plaster, and a polyurethane epoxy coat system will be applied to block salts and prevent future corrosion.


  1. Executing a project in a populated hotel building
  2. Logistic preparation that includes protected overground passages along the busy HaYarkon Street to the east and the promenade in the west
  3. Performing rehabilitation by patchwork while restoring balcony cornices
    Execution Stages


  1. Complete stripping of the mosaic and plaster layers until reaching bare concrete
  2. Demolition of disintegrating concrete parts until exposing all the rusted rebars
  3. Reconstruction of concrete elements by applying Mr. Fix Ardex system R4.
  4. Development and application of a plaster system enriched with inhibitors for marine environment
  5. Application of a marine environment polyurethane coating and protection system — Niroglass by Nirlat Ltd.
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