Restoration and preservation of “ Center Chic Hotel “ in Tel-Aviv

Project Description

A unique project of rehabilitation, preservation and renovation of the Center Chic Hotel — formerly the iconic Gazit Hotel on 8 Dizengoff Square
The building was designed by architect Haim Meshulam in the International Style and was built in 1948. This architectural style is often called Bauhaus, after the name of the design and architecture school in which this style was created.
Architect Meshulam designed the building as part of the Geddes city plan for the Zina Dizengoff Square in the international style.
During 2019, a decision was made to carry out a two-stage project: first, treatment of the facade facing the square and then treatment of the other part of the facade facing the rear of the building.
The lower concrete element – the famous decorative “apron”, which characterizes the buildings in the square, was damaged by corrosion and rust in the metal columns that hold it high.
In some parts, the apron was re-cast in no-shrink polymeric concrete while retaining its original dimensions.


  1. Performing a restoration by patches while restoring the unique structure forms, including treatment of the lower apron
  2. Meeting tight deadlines while simultaneously working on all the parts of the facade
  3. Logistic preparation including overhead protection tunnels above the business establishment operating under the hotel


  1. Chipping and partial demolition of loose plaster layers until reaching the bare concrete
  2. Demolition of disintegrating concrete parts until exposing all the rusted rebars
  3. Reconstructing of the concrete elements using Mr. Fix Ardex R4 concrete rehabilitation system
  4. Comprehensive treatment of the decorative apron by re-casting it in no-shrink polymeric concrete and anti-corrosive treatment for the metal columns that hold it
  5. Application of a marine environment polyurethane coating and protection system — Niroglass by Nirlat Ltd.
  6. Completing decorative finish in a breathing plaster system
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