Exterior concrete restoration and repair of “ Bloomfield “ Stadium in Tel-Aviv

Project Description

A unique project involving the rehabilitation of extensive areas in short periods of time
As part of the stadium expansion project, we were requested in 2018 to rehabilitate the perimeter stands, which include the stadium column and support beams. The concrete elements are characterized by thin concrete cover of the rebars and the extensive corrosion damage is evident throughout the stadium. The works were performed between the stage of extension and construction of the new concrete frame and the stage of system installation.
Prior to the commencement of works, various technologies were experimented with for the swift removal of the loose concrete.


  1. Coordination with multiple contractors while demonstrating flexibility in work hours
  2. Use of high-pressure abrasive blasting systems to rapidly break down and roughen the concrete surface
  3. Manual reconstruction of the stands’ elements in extensive areas


  1. Perform high-pressure abrasive cleaning for concrete dismantling and roughening to grade CSP3 under the SSPC SP13 standard
  2. Complete stripping of the rebars and cleaning to abrasive grade SA2.5
  3. Reconstructing of the concrete elements using Mr. Fix Ardex R4
  4. Application of Nirlat’s Super Gamish (“Elastic”) coating system
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