Exterior facade restoration of the iconic “ Shalom Meir “ in Tel-Aviv

Project Description

A unique project of rehabilitation and reconstruction of the famous Shalom Meir Tower (the famous department store and offices) in the heart of Tel Aviv.
The tower is named after Mr. Shalom Meir, a Zionist industrialist and a founder of the city of Ramat Gan. The tower was built in the old location of Gymnasia Herzliya and was inaugurated in 1965. Due to its height of 123 meters (it was elevated to 129 meters in the last decade), it was considered the first skyscraper in Israel and for some time, even the tallest building on the Asian continent.
During 2017, a decision was made to carry out the tower facade rehabilitation and reconstruction project, including complete stripping of the plaster and mosaic layers for an in-depth reconstruction of the facades and the concrete frame, application by impregnation of an innovative material that inhibits corrosion, reconstruction of marine environment-specific plaster layers and laying mosaic tiles in the shade of the removed tiles. In addition, the windows seals, made of reinforced terazzo, were sawed off and removed, the base was sealed and masonry windowsills adapted to a marine environment were installed.


  1. Executing a project in a populated office/hotel building
  2. Design and assembly of scaffolding systems able to withstand carrying concrete slabs to over 100 meters in height
  3. Designing and constructing a walkway scaffold for working on the top cornice at a height of 110 meters
  4. Precise sawing off of old windowsills and application of a proper sealing system


  1. Complete stripping of mosaic layers, plaster and windowsills until reaching bare concrete
  2. Demolition of disintegrating concrete parts until exposing all the rusted rebars
  3. Reconstruction of concrete elements by implementing Sika R4 concrete rehabilitation system
  4. Impregnation of a corosion inhibiting layer
  5. New application of marine-resistant plaster layers
  6. Application of new mosaic tiles
  7. Installation of new marine-resistant masonry windowsills
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