How to choose industrial and decorative floor coatings?

Choosing a floor covering solution is a derivative of an existing technical-functional response and / or decorative requirement.

The range of types of flooring systems possible for execution is wide and includes epoxy, polyurethane, MMA, plain cement, polyurethane, polymeric and other types.
Choosing the right floor system type is a function of required features and features on behalf of the project commissioner.
There are several parameters to choose the floor type you want –

– Using Scale coefficient R scale
– Anti-static feature billing – such as MMA floors or anti-static epoxy
– Sealing features – such as hot / cold polyurea based floors
– Chemical resistant properties – such as standard NOVOLAC chemical resistant epoxy coating floors or other systems
– Abrasion and corrosion resistant properties – such as cement polyurethane floors
– Short project downtime – using fast drying systems – MMA, polyurea or epoxy
– UV Resistant Coatings for UV Radiation – Floors with UV Resistant Polyurethane Coatings
– Visibility and decoration – Use of terrazzo epoxy floors or decorative micro-topping floors

The money cost against an existing budget and the restoration of an existing facility require a number of alternatives to the project. Each project can be separated (both in design and execution phase) from a number of main parts:

1. Preparation of the area adapted to the coating system (CSP grades) and the foundation layer related to the infrastructure

2. Body Top

3. Our top coat material offers logic The principle is to renew and coat floors based on years of engineering knowledge and experience. However, it should be said that each project constitutes a case on its own and requires individual planning and implementation in accordance with the standard definitions in relation to the element intended for painting and the environment in which it is located.